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Looking to transform a small and simple space into a colourful, sheltered, inviting courtyard? A Mediterranean bliss, plentiful with edibles, herbs and fruit trees? A protected and private oasis or a spa pool retreat? If you are looking for a low maintenance area for BBQs and beers in the sun, look no further, we can help! Add some character, kerb appeal and value to your property with the addition of an “outdoor room”.

Courtyards can require strategic planting and careful planning but when done properly, they are a great way to maximise on limited space. We offer custom courtyard designs and will guide you through the whole process from start to finish. Once we have seen the area and got a clear understanding of how you are wanting to use it, we’ll complete the hardscape design plans including any walkways, seating areas, retaining walls and other requirements. We can even produce a 3d model of the completed picture so you can see it for yourself before we even start digging!


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6 Simple Courtyard Garden Ideas To Get The Most Out of A Small Back Yard

Plant up! Tall palms against the walls, creepers and dense vertical plant life can provide seclusion and privacy without making the area feel cramped. Depending on the space, you could have an entire vertical garden on one wall, leaving the ground area free for the sun loungers!

Go from inside to out. Seamlessly transitioning from kitchen to courtyard by blending colours and materials you can create a much bigger feel overall.

Include water and other features. Have you thought about LED lighting for entertaining at night, decorative screens for privacy and the sound of running water while you relax. One or more key feature can become the talking point of the house.

landscape courtyard design with creeper growing up a wall
outdoor furniture on patio

Invest in great outdoor furniture. Quality furniture that matches the style of the garden can become a great asset to the overall vibe of the household. If budget allows we often recommend looking to bespoke furniture that can be integrated and tailored to fit the design. Customised stone sofas, or wooden benches can add a whole new level of interest. You will notice the wrong furniture every time if it doesn’t seem to “sit right” with the rest of the garden. Plus, you are going to need something comfortable to sit on!

Consider it’s use. What is the primary purpose of the courtyard being designed? Is it to host and entertain friends and family, outdoor cooking, or simply a cool area to sit in the shade on a hot day? Your home and garden is a very private space and only you know how you want it to look.

Keep it simple. Whatever you do, don’t overdo it. Sometimes taking the simple, less is more approach can provide just the right atmosphere.


Whatever your style and ambitions for your “outdoor living room”, careful planning and great design are the keys to success. This is not a project to be rushed. If you are looking to create an intimate courtyard setting to enjoy for many years to come, give us a call today.

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