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Timber Decks

As Kiwis, we know that cooking on the BBQ is not just an occasional event, it’s a way of life! Your timber deck will be warm underfoot and probably the warmest part of the house in the winter sun. It’s the place to hangout when we have friends over, or just to relax to soak up some sun. Now is the time to get yours sorted for next summer!

Improve your outdoor living space (and even make it feel bigger), so you can relax and entertain on the boards. A well designed and built deck that looks great and fits with the style of your house can add great value to your property, and make it very attractive to potential buyers. They are also very low maintenance. Sick of weeding? Decks generally require very little upkeep bar from a bit of sweeping and the odd coat of paint.

Landscape Wellington has over 30 years decking experience, and can help advise on choice of timber, shapes, styles and what features you could include e.g. an inbuilt spa pool!?. Here are a few choices of material and style for you.

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If you are looking for a low-cost option, radiata pine is a classic choice for Kiwi decking is an affordable option that can look really smart. It is also readily available here in NZ so we can get started right away.

modern deck and palm tree with sunbeds
kwila decking with sunbeds by a pool


The Kwila tree also known as Merbau, produces a hardwood that is perfect for decking. When correctly stained your deck will have a beautiful golden, or deep red-brown tinge giving an earthy and warming feel. Kwila decks have a good lifespan and if correctly treated, can last 25 – 50 years. Plus, it is relatively easy to install making it a great choice for many outdoor spaces here in New Zealand. One thing to be aware of is there is known to be a large amount of unethical harvesting and deforestation of Kwila trees which impacts the environment hugely. If Kwila is your choice of hardwood, make sure you use a reputable supplier. We can help with and have a number of licened partners we work with.

Coastal Gum Decking

Made from the timber of Eucalyptus trees (Eucalyptus Rudis, native to Australia), one of the main perks of costal gum decks, is that these trees are very fast growing, and therefore can be slightly less impacting on the environment. Once complete, the boards are very straight and have a pale brown, almost pinkish tinge to them. A rustic look and feel, this is another NZ favourite.

coastal gum deck
vitex decking nz

Vitex Decking

Vitex boards are available in a “watershed” style (domed and slightly higher in the middle) meaning rain runs off them easily, prolonging their lifespan. The Vitex Cofassus tree, a species of hardwood sourced from the Solomon Islands and other Pacific Islands, is an attractive light-coloured timber. These trees are also considered to be fast growing and can be replanted relatively quickly making them a friendly an eco-friendly choice. It is a durable wood, low-maintenance and easy to install. Overall a great choice for your backyard.


These are just a few of the materials available. If you are feeling swamped with decisions, we’re the deck builders for you! Give us a call today and we can walk you through the options.

wooden pergola with drapes hanging down looking beautiful

Pergola Design

If you are looking to sit in the shade and shelter from the sun, why not do it under your very own canopy of climbing creepers, jade vines and roses. A garden with a pergola gives you whole new space to fill with colour and can help transform a bland backyard into paradise. We will work closely with you to ensure the structure fits seamlessly into your dream garden or patio.


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